Welcome to Ravenswood where we will..

Nurture the Mother

The Mother that lives within all of us, and wants to live in harmony with the Great Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. 

She is everything and we are she.

Our inner Mother is often wounded, exhausted and not valued as she should be.

Join us for a weekend of mothering each other and yourself. 

This is a whole other level of self-care as we gather in rituals and ceremony to celebrate and honour the Great Mother energies all around us. Let her comfort, love and nourish us. Let us lift each other up as we feel the love of the Great Mother that lives in each of us, for each of us.

The world as a whole is changing and so you are you. Harness this beautiful and powerful feminine energy to live life exactly as you are intended to and dream of.

(Location: Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada)


Join us in our sacred Yurt 

We will gather in the yurt in a circle of Sisterhood for ceremony and healing intent. It is a beautiful space nestled in the Ravenswood forest. It is a magical sanctuary filled with the energy and vibration of nature. Within the yurt’s shelter, we are protected from the elements yet connected to the elements and nurturing essence of Mother Earth herself.


Nourishing Meals

Sharing meals brings us together to celebrate the day. All food is included and will be freshly prepared for us by a private chef.

Ritual & Ceremony

Together we explore ways to enhance our connection to Mother Earth (Gaia) and so our own inner feminine. There are cacao ceremonies, a beautiful full moon ritual, card readings and more.

Friendship & Sisterhood 

Magic happens when women come together and support each other. You will leave feeling nourished, connected and having gained new life long friends. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga helps restore the soul, regulate the nervous system, reduce stress and bring peace and healing to our hearts. We have chosen to include this for rest, and to restore peace and love to your heart.

Cacao Ceremony

We will connect with Mother Cacao for healing and opening of the heart Chakra. This beautiful and ancient ritual will help you nurture the Mother within.

Magickal Crafting

Exactly what is a surprise, but each one of you will go home with something unique made by you and for you to enhance your experience and bring this beautiful energy home with you.

Hear from past retreat guests 

Because I don't think you should have to take our word for it.


Testimonial Video - click to listen 👆🏻

Testimonial Video - click to listen 👆🏻


Next Retreat: October 27-29, 2023  

This is a very special and new offering as we gather together in the forest to celebrate the Full Moon and use that energy to nurture our deep love for the mother within us. 

We are all mothers whether we have had children or not. We have mothers and are deeply to connected the Great Mother - Gaia, our Earth Mother.

Under Grandmother Moon we will set the intentions that serve our highest good and purpose. We will release what stands in our way and no longer serves us and together we will bond in sisterhood and nurture each other.

We can't wait to spend this time with you.

Love, Elisabeth & Denise


Elisabeth Joy

Owner of The Separation Club and founder of The Rising Moon Sisters retreats, Elisabeth is a life coach, energy healer and spiritual guide whose passion is to help women heal and reclaim themselves after divorce and other challenges in life. 

She has helped thousands of women find a safe space to heal and get the support they need when going through the end of a long term relationship or marriage. She embodies her values of kindness, compassion and honesty as she lovingly guides her clients and students towards their own inner truth and to create the life they want for themselves.

Strongly rooted in spirituality and seeking answers through the natural wisdom without and around us, she connects easily with exactly what her clients need for their own transformation. She is generous, honest and approachable and can't wait to meet you at a future retreat or course or Masterclass.

Denise Benning

Owner of the Subtle Shift and the proprietor of Ravenswood, Denise is an energy healer and intuitive whose mission is to help others create a deeper relationship and connection to their soul. She helps others find balance and wholeness through energetic wellness. She has created a tranquil retreat in the woods which she loves to share with those looking to nurture their mind, body and spirit and connect with nature. Her goal is to empower you to find healing and insight along the path of self discovery.

A beautiful healer, she is transformed by the energies she channels and brings a kindness, hope and light to all the work she does. Her own spiritual awakening has been an intense journey of self-discovery as her gifts unfolded quickly and unexpectedly.This provides her with a unique perspective on the awakening process and the experiences it can bring to one’s life.

Fun Fact: Denise is an Olympian and competed in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics as a pairs figure skater.


We will be celebrating the Full Moon in Taurus while we are together this weekend. 

A full moon is the perfect time to discover what is no longer serving us so we can deeply connect with ourselves and the life we want to create.

This is the Hunter Moon that helps us prepare for the Winter and for going deep within to heal and grow so we can blossom come spring.

We will share in various practices, walks, crafts and a beautiful bonfire to enhance this truly magical experience.

We can't wait to honour and celebrate the beautiful mother within you who is waiting to give birth to her new life.


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