$111.00 USD

C6: Healing Meditation & Breath Work Practices

Learn how to use the practices of meditation, breath work, journaling and visualization in ways that help promote healing, peace and ease in your life. 

Join me for this mini but mighty taste of a regular spiritual practice. I am sure you have heard how important meditation is for us. You may have tried it but feel like you're not able to do it. Or perhaps you have no idea how to get started with it.

The thing is, meditation can truly change your life. It helps you let go of old belief patterns and paradigms that keep you in the past, and limiting beliefs that prevent you from healing and moving forward with your life as you would like to.

🤩 This course works great for anyone planning on taking the Healing Through the Chakras course.

Each call will include a combination of various spiritual practices:

  • We will meet DAILY at 6am EST on January 2-6th 2023
  • Each call is approx. 45 minutes so you can get on with your day 
  • Last day has a powerful Full Moon meditation and journaling practice
  • Walk away with a brand new toolbox to make 2023 start in the best way possible - with you in control of you.

[ I know the time might not work for everyone so the calls will be recorded ]