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Everyone needs support when going through a divorce. And I also know that signing up for something feels scary. Every tiny decision felt paralyzing when I was going through my divorce. So I want to make this easy for you. Let me tell you how. 


Details about our next available support call:

Our next open support call is on November 14th @ 7pm EST. We will be chatting about Coparenting and the upcoming Holiday Season. And as always all questions are welcome. These calls are always interactive as I work through your challenges with you.


This is a community of beautiful humans who are here to support you as you will support them

A couple of them wanted to share a few words with you.

I wish I would have found Elisabeth and The Separation Club sooner! I could have used some of her guidance & support at the beginning of all this mess.

I joined the Rising Free community and it’s the best thing I did for myself!

Elisabeth is a wonderful, caring, beautiful soul with many talents.

What attracted me to join this club, is that she experienced what we are all going through with 4 young sons. She knows exactly what most of us are feeling, and how to guide us to a much happier, better, more confident versions of ourselves.

I wouldn’t be feeling as confident and thrilled to enjoy my new life, if it wasn’t for her and all the lovely women I’ve met in this membership on our zoom calls

~ AnnetteRising Free member since April 2021

This has been my most challenging year. And also the year when I finally decided to let go of what no longer serves me. Elisabeth held my hand through all of this and literally led me out of the dark into the light. She is my first coach ever and I thought about joining the Rising Free membership for some time, but was worried about the finances. Then after a few days, it just hit me! I knew I had to do this no matter what. I just felt it in my gut. I felt a bit scared at first, but as soon as got on a few calls I started to feel a huge relief!

I love the support and friendship between us Risers and the comfort that came from knowing I wasn't alone. I made great friends and connections.

As Oprah says: "You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." Find that courage and ask Elisabeth to help you.

~ Eva, Rising Free member 2020-2022

For those of you who are ready to become a full member of this village of ours..

.. and to feel held and safe as you go through the messy sh!t

you can sign up today for our loving, beautiful and supportive community of women. We gather every week to learn, grow and heal as we create new space in this world for ourselves and our new lives.

We hope you will join us and support us as we will support you. 

Join the Rising Free community today and become part of our Village as we will become yours.