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Since you're here then you're likely going through separation/divorce. I know this is a really tough time for you, but if you are ready to feel better and be better then you likely also know you need help doing that. Are you ready to say yes to you and your beautiful future? 

No need to do this alone! 

I know it can feel like you have so many obstacle to overcome and that it might even feel like a huge crater that could swallow you whole. No more! Lean, rest and overcome your fear in a safe space. Ask questions, gain confidence and get support and guidance as you navigate through your separation and divorce. 

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Elisabeth 💕 

" Elisabeth made me feel personally supported by going above and beyond. I have emerged from the devastating mental and emotional state I was in to one of peace and strength with clarity about my future."


~ Cathy R., TSC member since 2019