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Do you feel ready to explore something a little different?

Do you find that despite traditional therapy, supportive friends and lots of reading, you're still feeling stuck, resentful, angry and hurt?

Or maybe you want to tap into a deeper and truer part of yourself? 

Then you are in the right place! Book session with me today and let's go on a magical journey together creating just the right formula for you.

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Coaching Sessions / Options

Elisabeth has been instrumental in helping me get through one of the most challenging times in my life. Her support and guidance has made me think about things differently, and her practical advice has empowered me to get into action and take my power back. The Separation Club has been my saving grace and I am so grateful for my earth angel Elisabeth.

~ Rosa Bagatto, TSC members since 2019

Energy work is a way for us to consciously reconnect with our essential being, our truth. To find the path to the wise, loving, powerful, creative being that we are at our core. Is this the path for you?

Energy healing options:

Whether you ask the cards for guidance or to answer a question, Elisabeth will guide you through an intuitive reading to answer your query.

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These energy centres in our body can become blocked or 'unbalanced'. A balancing helps the energy flow as it should.

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Clear and heal negative energy that gets trapped when we go through traumatic events like separation and divorce. 

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"Thanks sooooo much for the reading this morning!! You help me feel more like myself... which is amazing! It has been too long."


~ Mary 💛🌻

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