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Ep. #14: Feeling good about ourselves, and our bodies during divorce with my guest Kim Basler

Welcome to another episode and to my very special guest Kim Basler who is a Mindset and Food Freedom Coach. As you may know in my past I was a women’s health, fitness and self-care coach so I know how impactful our inner body image is. Add a divorce on top of this along with aging, menopause a few kids etc and this can be a really challenging time for women who are heading out into the dating scene for example. Or even just having one more thing to feel badly about herself for. 

We carry so much internal blame, and shame really  about where we are in life, our failed marriage, our parenting, our bodies. Let’s see if we can work through some of this together today with Kim’s help.

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  • There is a chemical reason we crave the food we crave and why we crave comfort food when going through an emotional time. It goes right back to our childhood when food was provided as comfort when we were upset, as reward when we were good etc.
  • Nurturing your body physically also nurtures you emotionally. Start small by making sure you are getting enough water each day - remember; don’t be a wilting flower ;)
  • In Kim’s words: women are so much more than our bodies. What our body looks like does not determine our value.
  • When reaching for food for comfort, Kim suggests exploring other options that can help you with your emotion in that moment.
  • Many lose a lot of weight when going through something difficult - “trauma diet”. There is actually a chemical reason why some turn towards food and others turn away from it when going through a highly emotional time. Understanding this helps us heal it. 
  • Heal the history, understand the history and heal yourself today.
  • Ask yourself which choice is the most loving for yourself. Choosing to shower, wash hair, and dress nicely all helps us feel better. Choosing to look our best is loving and it’s an expression of self-worth.
  • The big change starts in the small things you do every day. One tiny step at a time towards self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance.
  • Loving yourself is a daily choice you can make. Be patient with this journey
  • The most important person you can bring to a relationship is a person you respect - YOU. Work towards respecting yourself first.

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