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31: Having faith in something and especially yourself helps you heal as you divorce

Today I invite you to join me for a conversation about faith. And it doesn't matter what you believe in, even if it’s nothing - I know you will benefit from this conversation.

When going through a crisis people often reach for something they believe in or they search for something to believe in to help them understand why and what and also to help them heal. 

It could be that they are counting on that God has a higher calling or purpose for them or that he is going to save you as you go through this. Perhaps you are praying that God will bring your ex back to you and restore your happiness. Everyone practices their faith differently and lean on it in different ways.

Some count on Karma to do it’s thing without really understanding what Karma means and stands for. I explain more about this in the episode but generally what most are hoping for is revenge in some form that is inflicted without themselves lifting a finger. A much less satisfying path than you might think.

Some seek guidance from the universe or source energy 

And others reach for spirit guides, angels, tarot cards, crystals, energy healers and more.

And then there are those who believe in nothing except that bad things happen to good people and now it’s your turn to stand under the dark clouds of life.

Regardless of which path you end up on make sure it is one that resonates with your heart, your values and feels right for you.

I am not here to tell you what you should believe in, but I thought it might be fun to talk about this a little more and mostly the value of believing in something. Most importantly I want to help you believe in yourself.


I want to talk to you about our next retreat which is at my house June 16-18th. This one is small, intimate and a weekend that will put you back in touch with yourself your faith and your dreams.

This is the fourth retreat at my house. And it has felt so special to be planning this after the incredible experience in Costa Rica. This retreat is much smaller and more intimate. And so I am really able to dig into some of the discomfort with each one of the retreat guests and then pull out the light and the joy. We have a really powerful release exercise that we do that I literally created two years ago. It was one of those intuitive hits that showed me the perfect way for us not only to release but to witness each other as we did and then fill that space with love and joy. It is the most beautiful moment for all of us.

This time at retreat we will be working with the energy of the new moon in Gemini and also the summer solstice which will be coming up. Both of these together create such powerful energy around new beginnings and creating the life we want and dream of. All we need after that is faith. 

This all happens June 16-18 at my lake house. It’s already half full with only 4 spots left, so don't delay and book your spot today.