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Make a habit of checking back here often and print out the calendar so you don't miss a single event created for you and your healing.

There are live online workshops, retreats, a podcast, blog, coffee chats and so much more.



NEW: Monthly Workshops

We are starting something new. As always the goal is to spread as much light, healing and support as possible on your while you are going through what is possibly the darkest time in your life.

Every week I run a coaching call / support group live inside the Rising Free membership. They pay for this membership and I know that isn't possible for everyone. SO I am making one call per month available to you at a nominal fee. 

This calls are live with me (Elisabeth) on hand to coach you through this. Every time I will talk about something that is relevant to your healing and inner growth.

I invite you to check back here often so you don't miss a single one.


A Blessing In Divorce Podcast 🎙️

Ep. 32: 

Showing up for yourself and. your kids during your divorce and taking a leadership role.

Wednesday, April 12/23

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Ep. 33: 

Social media and your divorce - should you step away? What's ok and what isn't?

Wednesday, April 19/23

Listen now

Ep. 34: 

Choosing to divorce with Integrity is healing and empowering. 

Wednesday, April 26/23

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You are invited to our next Rising Moon Sisters Retreat ✨🌙 

Head over to the Retreat page and learn all about it.



May 2nd: 

(Re)building our Confidence and Self-Esteem

I'll be talking about the difference between confidence and self-esteem so we can better understand how to cultivate this in ourselves. 

There is so much healing available to us in this work so we will dive into that as well.

Join our beautiful community on a live call with Elisabeth to do this work in a safe and supportive container.


Over on The Blog...

A Divorced Mom's Summer Dance

Time with friends, vacation, outdoor fun, patios and trips with the kids. All this used to be with your ex and now you are trying to make plans for yourself and the kids, on your own.

How to find emotional healing within yourself

Today I woke up crying. I hardly slept so that probably didn’t help. But I also feel very vulnerable right now. Several little wounds feel open, asking to be seen and healed..

Do you worry about your kids loving you less?

I worried about that... and that they might love being with "her" more than me. She was younger and for all I knew - a ton of fun. All I could see was her as Julia Roberts in Step Mom..

3 reasons it's hard to receive the support you want during divorce

Going through separation and divorce is hard. It’s complex, painful, often with high conflict and hostility. And then the people we thought we could count on don't show up as we need them to.

Coffee Chats with Elisabeth

Every Thursday at 10am ET, tune in LIVE* in for an honest and intimate chat related to exactly what you are going through. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and join her on the bench for this week's coffee chat. Bring a notepad and your questions. 

*All calls happen in the TSC Facebook Group.


Coffee Chat May 5th

Our focus in May is on Balance and Equanimity. Living with a feeling of emotional mastery, peace and gentleness towards yourself and others.

Coffee Chat May 12th

Topic coming soon. 

Coffee Chat May 19th

Topic coming soon.

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This is a difficult time for you. Know that you are among friends here and now have a community of women who get it and are here for you. If you have any questions or can't find something you need for your healing and to help you move forward then do not hesitate to contact my team and I.

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