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1: Healing with Self-Care as you navigate your separation and divorce - the beginning

Welcome to the first episode of A Blessing In Divorce! I am so excited and grateful to be here chatting with you though I don't love the reason. What I know is that you want to feel better or you wouldn't be right here right now.

There is no question that divorce or the end of a long term relationship changes your life forever. Everything changes. You current, your future and it feels like your past or at least some of it, might not be what you thought it was. That’s how I felt. Like I was free-falling and nothing I knew or had counted on existed to catch me anymore. I had to reorganize and recreate my entire life so I could find my footing again. 

Join me for a conversation about getting your healing started and perhaps a change of perspective that can make this easier. This episode is for all stages as you go through this. Healing is constantly present and can feel like it's starting over and over again as things happen and progress.



  • Regardless of who ended the relationship and why ,healing is needed and you are so worthy of taking the time to do this.
  • Healing is as much about learning to live with pain as releasing it. Find the lessons and learn from them so you can manage your triggers and move forward as you deserve.
  • Living in the past can keep us in victimhood and regret. The beautiful thing about letting go and moving forward or away from the pain allows you to grow and find peace in your life including love for yourself. This opens the door to the future.
  • Practice Self-Care in a way that can help rewire your brain to focus on more positive things and thoughts.
  • Benefits of establishing a gratitude and affirmation practice for yourself.
  • Ready isn't a feeling, it's a decision. What are you ready to decide for yourself and for your healing and growth?

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