3: How to discover your self-worth, own it and grow it. Solo episode

Regain, reclaim and live your worth. Self-worth - elusive but available.

Self-worth comes up often in one on one sessions and group coaching/support calls. And equally often my client or student expresses not knowing how to feel worthy and even wonders what that means.

Self-worth is defined as our own sense of our worth and value to others. It’s attached to our sense of belonging. Where we are on that particular spectrum determines our ability to have healthy relationships, whether we pursue our dreams, stand up for ourselves and so much more. 

Life feels easier and more joyful when we feel worthy.

I sometimes struggle to help guide my clients in this direction so I’m hoping this inspired chat will help you.

Please also check out the various resources I have below that can guide you in this direction. 

Be open to feeling deserving of happiness just because you are. Know that taking care of yourself is your responsibility towards yourself and not selfish. Period. 


  • Self-worth is accepting that it is your birthright to shine and live a life that aligns with your highest potential.
  • Set goals (Goddess goal) that are tied to what you really want and truly deserve. Dream big and stop thinking small.
  • Your calendar shows your commitment to your goals. What do you see when you look at your calendar? How many hours/days have you committed to yourself, your worth - your Goddess goal?
  • If we don't schedule time for our growth, our goals then it won’t happen. Treat this time for you with at least as much importance as you do your other commitments. Your life will truly start to change.
  • Start small with 10 minutes per day focused only on you. Even a small change like that can be the beginning of a bigger and more fulfilled life.
  • Honour your worth with aligned and inspired action.
  • Living a life or existing in a relationship that is not aligned with your higher good will have you playing small and giving up on your dreams and what matters to you.
  • NOW is your opportunity to shift your thinking, your action and your future. One thing ends and another begins.
  • You can’t expect others to value your worth if you don’t.
  • Trust the journey.


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