4: Calling in and allowing happiness when going through separation and divorce

Today I’m sharing a live Masterclass with you so this is a little different but I’m really excited to share such a positive topic with you. You will hear me mention Part 1 of this Masterclass series and the replay of that is available to you by joining The Club (yes it’s free) using the link below. There you can catch that video replay as well as video replays of all past Masterclasses. 


1:48 - Letting go of pain allows us to invite in something else and in this case - happiness! 

2:45 - You get to decide how you feel moving forward but to do that you have to let go fo the past.

3:48 - What if feeling good again isn’t hard.. Can you embrace the idea that it can be easy?

4:11 - Make a decision to change your thoughts and you will change your future. This means changing the internal automatic program.

6:05 - How our brain works and tends to sabotage our efforts if we aren’t in control of our thoughts.

6:39 - Solidify your desire and your ability to choose in your journal. Are you choosing happiness?

9:07 - When you choose to be happy and choose to let go of the thoughts of the past you start to change your life.

10:21 - Your future is based on the thoughts and actions you have and do today. That’s such powerful thing to know. If you keep doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts, then nothing changes.

11:56 - #1: You don’t have to wait to be happy. The legal doesn’t have to be sorted and there isn’t a certain amount of time that has to pass. Start inviting in happiness now. The list of 10 things that can help you feel happy starts here.

12:58 - #2: Visualize your happy place to add happiness into your day

18:53 - #3: Practice Self-Care

20:01 - #4: Get yourself into a joyful state of mind 

21:07 - #5: Stop worrying

24:38 - #6: Appreciate the small things

27:27 - #7: Surround yourself with positive people

29:17 - #8: Laugh more

30:17 - #9: Love more

34:16 - #10: Plan for happiness - put it in your calendar!

36:29 - #11: BONUS TIP - Make a true commitment to yourself and your journey forward towards the happy fulfilling life you so deserve. Happiness is different for everyone. Gain clarity so you can take aligned action towards your future and your new life and happiness.

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