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Ep. # 6: Get your financial questions answered with Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Eva Sachs

It was such a pleasure speaking with Eva. She cares so much about helping her clients understand and come to grips with the financial plan that will serve them and their family best.

First, some facts about her: 

Eva Sachs is a recognized expert in financial planning in divorce. She is passionate about providing clients with financial clarity, compassion and confidence at various stages of their separation and divorce. 

Eva is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™). 

She co-authored the  book “When Harry Left Sally – Finding your way through Grey Divorce”.

She is the financial professional team member at Love and Money – Modern Marriage Contracts and The Modern Divorce.

Eva is a trusted resource dealing with all the financial issues related to divorce providing financial support to clients from the information gathering stage to preparing projections based on settlement options. Whether in traditional negotiations, mediation or collaborative divorce, Eva has shown countless couples how the combination of property division, income and spousal and child support will affect them post- divorce. 

And today she answered questions I know you have. Questions you ask in The Separation Club community all the time. Here are some of the questions I asked her for you:

  • Is a financial analyst only for wealthy people divorcing?
  • Speaking of money and costs - does it cost less for them to do this with you or someone like you than with their lawyer?
  • It can be intimidating sitting down in front of a financial expert especially for women who may have chosen not to be the income earner etc. How do you help put them at ease? And what would you say to her to help her feel comfortable reaching out to someone like you?
  • Let’s talk about Modern Divorce. Such a brilliant offering and trend. What helped you decide to package up services like this?
  • Who is an ideal client for Modern Divorce packages and this kind of approach to a divorce?
  • I noticed you are often interviewed about grey divorces. What is unique about those? And what are some special considerations.
  • Final advice?

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