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Ep. # 9: How and why did my ex stop loving me so fast?

How did my ex just stop loving me all of a sudden and how do I stop loving them?

Love - the thing we all seek and want. To be loved unconditionally. To be valued and put above all others. To feel passion and deep love from  your heart and to your heart from another.

But love is complicated and not as unselfish as we would like to think. It’s often transactional and weighed in more or less, most and least. Who loves who more? Who shows it more? Who means it more? Who says it first?

We all want the big uncomplicated love story with our soul mate. But what is true unconditional love? I will get into all of that, but first - let’s start at the beginning of our story here together - which is in this case; when the love ends.

Separation, Divorce, the end of a relationship that is important to us, is devastating. 

I know - I’ve been there.

I remember asking myself this very question when I found out about his affair and that he was in love with her. How did he just stop loving me? Like, when exactly did this happen? And why?


  • When a relationship ends does love end? Truth: Sometimes yes and sometimes now. This is not in our control. When someone tells you they have stopped loving you, know that they didn't get there in a day, month or even several months.  It might just mean the love has changed or that they don't understand it, or what they want anymore.
  • When a relationship ends and the love from "your person" ends, then you must turn towards love from other places and people. Fill that cup with love from your friends, family, pets, kids and most importantly - yourself!
  • Also reach out to support group, coaching groups, Facebook groups. There is a lot of comfort with strangers who are going through the same thing. Make sure to check out the Rising Free Community. We would love to be there for you. 
  • You might never hear from your ex WHY he/she stopped loving because they might not know themselves why or when it all changed. Find peace with this. Listening to Episode # 8 on Closure might be helpful with this.
  • This is the perfect time for you to do the work to clear old pain so you can move forward free of nasty ties to the past.