16: New Beginnings - start creating the life you deserve and dream of

As we are moving towards a New Year it is of course a time for new beginnings. But there is so much more than the New Year that is inviting us to open up to starting fresh even earlier. 

Today happens to be the Winter Solstice which marks new beginnings; the days will start getting longer and this is the first day of winter. And in a couple of days we will have a beautiful New Moon. So this is the perfect time to start creating space for our new lives. 

Cosmic energy is all around us and this energy also exists within us as we are energetic beings. 



  • Create space for something new in your life by clearing out clutter. Clear out a closet or  bedroom or corner in your home and create a sacred space for yourself. 
  • Also clear any negative or resistant energy within you. The first step to clearing negative energy is to be observant of what negative energy you are carrying.
  • It can be limiting beliefs, negative narrative, negative and toxic people and also the presence of bad habits etc.
  • Follow the 6 steps to create a new beginning for yourself.
    1. Get clear on what you want
    2. Create space physically and emotionally for your dreams
    3. Gain clarity on what is standing in your way emotionally - write those things down
    4. Release and let go of those that don’t serve you
    5. Create a vision of what you are calling in
    6. Plan some action steps (ie. join our 21 days of mindfully rising in 2023 - details below