22: Grief, loss, & life when going through divorce as a queer woman of colour with Aditi Loveridge

What a pleasure it was to speak with Aditi Loveridge when recording this episode for you. Grief and loss is part of life and the human experience. I first connected with Aditi when I came across her profile on Instagram and she was sharing for the first time about her separation. The way she did that really hit me and I dove into her profile to learn that she has, like I have, suffered infant loss. So much in common I continued to learn more about her via her feed until I finally reached out to her and asked if she would join me on A Blessing In Divorce. 

As a queer woman of colour she has so much to teach me and many of my listeners I’m guessing. This was a conversation about being vulnerable, asking for help and showing up as yourself and not being held hostage to cultural and societal expectations.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.





Aditi Loveridge (she/her) is a certified pregnancy and infant loss coach and advocate, Founder of the registered charity, Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre and co-founder of Seeds of Growth: Grief Education Inc. Aditi also sits as Board Co-Chair for Skipping Stones Foundation, empowering trans and gender diverse youth and adults.

Through her work Aditi has supported hundreds of families on their reproductive paths. As an expert in the field Aditi has been asked to speak on countless podcasts, radio and television spots and has advocated for systemic change for the loss community at the government level.

Aditi is a trailblazer within the loss community and she is grateful to share her wisdom, experience and heart toward the betterment of others.

Website: Pregnancy and Infant Loss 


Website: Aditi Loveridge


Instagram: @aditiloveridge

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aditi-loveridge-775264119/