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29: How changing your perspective changes everything and kickstarts your healing

Changing your perspective changes how you see things and feel about them. It changes your thoughts about a situation which in turn determines how you feel about it. Our feelings inspire our actions and the things we choose to do which ultimately determines how our life plays out. 

Yes, you are in control of your life. So by changing your perspective and letting go of old and negative labels you can truly turn your life around and get busy creating the life you deserve and dream of.


  • Be mindful of the stories you tell yourself and others about a situation. Also be aware of how you describe yourself AND how you assume others describe you or the current situation.
  • Stop adopting and perpetuating a narrative that doesn't serve you and in fact is hurting you and keeping you in the past.
  • When you look at things differently and even look at things from another's perspective then everything looks different. What if those negative things that you have been telling yourself is in fact not true?
  • When you look at things differently, things look different.
  • Choose to tell a new and more positive story or if you are having a really bad day, tell no story at all. Just be and cry and save the story for another day.
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