65: Healing from Emotional Abuse and the 10 step self-discovery journey

I feel like I talk about this alot, but still women ask me to talk about it more. I sometimes wonder if some just aren’t ready to hear what I am saying, not quite ready to hear the truth - namely that their healing lies within themselves and not in the punishment of the abuser.

There is a lot of time spent talking about Karma and unfairness of the courts etc in these cases and I do hear that. But I also know that the only way to heal is to find your way back to yourself and heal within yourself. Whatever does or doesn’t happen to the other person has no real effect on your life unless you let it. And that in itself is disempowering and exactly where the abuser is enabled to thrive.

Hard times open our eyes and hearts to questions and new choices.

Challenges force us to look at things differently.

Emotional pain finds us asking for peace, love and the absence of pain.

It is during these difficult moments, events and times that we have the opportunity to discover ourselves, our inner callings, values and desires and even to touch on the greater meaning of life.

Getting divorced is not an experience I would wish on anyone including myself. However, instead of only viewing it as an ending and something bad, I found so much peace and healing in seeing the possibilities that existed because of this massive life shift.

Today I am going to share my journey with you broken down into 10 steps (with several substeps)😉.

Grab a pen and paper or journal and let’s get started.



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