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Freedom to RISE

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What is Freedom to RISE? 


Freedom to RISE is a 12-week online journey that guides women through the heartache of their separation and provides them with the skills, resources and support they need to RISE - becoming confident, empowered, badass version of themselves. 


No matter where you are on your separation journey, you’re ready to awaken your inner strength and set yourself on the path towards the person you’ve always wanted to be.


How Does Freedom to RISE work?

Freedom to RISE is a live online course that takes place via Zoom. These calls are run by Elisabeth, Owner/Founder of The Separation Club. Also included are worksheets, course exercises, custom yoga classes, guided meditations and visualizations designed to compliment your lessons.

Each RISER will also get 3, 1-hour, one-on-one coaching calls with Elisabeth.

 📣 NEW: Using various energy healing and spiritual practices we will together tune into our feminine energy and intuition to elevate ourselves and each other. This is an experience unlike anything you have been part of before and it's new to FTR (at no extra cost!) More details further down.

Patricia L. ~ Freedom To Rise graduate.

Dear Elisabeth, today is my birthday. I started the day by opening up the curtains to the beautiful sunshine and gave thanks when my feet hit the floor. I would have never imagined that in February of last year I would've come so far in my life. Your direction, wisdom, advice, support and love has led me to a place I would never imagine I could be. 

For the first time in my life I'm starting to find love within myself. This enables me to give love and feel love which I haven't for many many years, if ever. Meditation is a daily part of my life and it is helped calm and clear my mind in a way I never thought possible. I have better relationships with myself and all people out there, even people I don't know. I know I'm presenting a different energy, more positive and receiving.

The tools you have given me to work on my self limiting beliefs have been so helpful and an eye-opener. I've worked hard on changing them and have been very successful. They still peak their head up once in a while. I'm very good at picking up on them and stopping them in their tracks.

Am I ready to RISE?

If you’re ready for a life free of pain, anger, and self-doubt. One full of strength, happiness, confidence, and endless possibilities. Then, you’re ready to RISE. You may see yourself in one of the three types of RISERS we encounter on this journey.

Thinking about separating

Prepare for the path that lies ahead of you. Gain the clarity and the confidence you need to manage difficult decisions, emotional situations and other uncharted waters.

Separated and heading towards divorce

Reclaim your voice, your confidence, and yourself. Your separation will become a catalyst to create the life you want.

Divorced and starting your new life

Heal your wounds and turn the lasting sadness, confusion, and lack of direction towards a path of happiness, independence, and optimism.

Hear from previous Risers


I thought about joining the course for some time, but was worried about the finances. Then, it just hit me! I knew I had to do this no matter what. I just felt it in my gut. I felt a bit scared at first, but as soon as we got started I felt a huge relief!
I also love the support and friendship between us Risers and knowing I wasn't alone. I made great friends and connections.


This course gave me the tools, guidance and confidence to believe in myself again and work through my limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. 

Freedom To RISE is for everyone regardless of what stage you are in and the knowledge you gain about yourself and your potential can be used in every area of your life.  


Just off the top of my head, I would describe the course as “The Ultimate Journey to my Heart”. As I reflect back on my notes I feel a sense of calm. Freedom To RISE has opened my mind to the world of “ME”. It has transformed me from a victim of my circumstances to being in control of my happiness and heading optimistically into the future I am creating for myself.  

Meet your guide, Elisabeth

Elisabeth is a mother, second wife, step-mom, self-care coach, writer and unshakeable optimist dedicated to guiding women on the journey towards their true potential and the empowered life they’ve always dreamed of.

RISERS will meet with Elisabeth during weekly group coaching calls and monthly one-on-one coaching calls.

Hear what our graduates have to say:

Read through supportive testimonials and recommendations from our welcoming community of RISERS.

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When does Freedom to RISE run?

FTR runs three times per year. Enrolment is currently OPEN. We get started again April 24th, 2023. Send me an email to get put on the "first to know" list.

Whether you are emotionally exhausted, tired of being strong or just feel stuck this formula works.



  • 9 weekly live group coaching calls (90-120 mins).
  • 3 one-on-one (60 mins) coaching call with Elisabeth.
  • Includes all materials and teachings related to RISE 1-7
  • Access to private Facebook group for course participants only. Here we will connect, support each other and you can ask me questions any time you need to.
  • Also includes all support resources like worksheets, exercises, Moon rituals, Chakra work, community support and much much more. I will also be offering card readings, restorative yoga and live group meditations. Schedule to be provided when we start.
  • Start planning for this now so you don't miss out when the doors open again. We get started April 24th, 2023.

What is the investment?

The question isn't "can you afford to do this?"

The question is "CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO"?

An investment in Freedom to RISE is an investment in your happiness, confidence and personal growth. Take control today and start creating your new life.

3 monthly payments of $665
Paid in full $1897


Give yourself the biggest, most compassionate gift by enrolling in this course. It has been a lifesaver for me!!! I am so grateful to Elisabeth and the other participants I had the privilege of working through the course with.

~ Cathy R. Canada, TSC Member since Nov. 2019

How I will guide you through this course:

Prior to course starting ~ LIVE ORIENTATION AND WELCOME CALL
  • Focus your compass to point to what you are trying to achieve, change, better or work through. Whatever your objective, this course fits. But without clear focus and intention we can not set your path.
  • You might already be fully in touch with why you are taking this course or you could be here because you have no idea what you want. Both are ok and you will get the help and guidance you need with this.
  • Elisabeth will also go through how this course will unfold and what you can expect from her and yourself.
  • If you miss a call you can watch the recorded class at your convenience.


Awakening you, your feminine power, your true voice 

  • “Awaken to a deeper meaning of your life, and begin co-creating a future that lights you up and passionately ignites and inspires your creativity”
  • Start connecting with your source energy, whether it is God, the Universe, the Infinite, your true voice.
  • Connect with and start to trust your intuition and the truth that your inner power, your voice only wants the very best for you and is fully present and aligned with what you want, desire and deserve. 


Connecting the dots - closing the knowing / doing gap

  • You know what you want, what your dreams are. You have been here before - dreaming...wanting, but it never seems to come. You have taken courses, workshops and done everything you were supposed to do... or did you? Did you quit early, give up, make excuses for why you couldn’t (the glass ceiling shows up here)... so you didn’t... didn’t do everything. You are able, but are you truly willing? Is willing how you have lived your life so far? That’s the knowing / doing gap. KNOWING what you want, and even what has to be done to get that, but then not DOING it. (Ie weight loss. )


Releasing and breaking through your limiting beliefs, your internal “glass ceiling”
  • We all have patterns and behaviours that play on constant repeat without any conscious thought. Together they make up your very own internal “glass ceiling” and limit you in manifesting your dreams and desires.
  • Discover how to identify these patterns of behaviour, where they come from and how to break free of them. 
  • Start seeing what is possible when you remove the limiting “untruths” you have been telling yourself for as long as you can remember.


Activate your gift / power / mastery / influence / intuition / connection
  • Activate your connection to your inner knowing
  • You now know how to connect, and also how to activate your personal gift, strength and intuition. This is how you master your world. This is your connection to your spirit, your Devine. Connecting is your compass. Activation is how you tap into the limitless resources available to you. It’s the confidence that comes from knowing you’re connected to the universe and the gifts it has for you.
  • You find the courage to take inspired action towards your dreams. You activate your magnetic power for the greater good of you and those you impact. 
  • You truly become a person of increase
  • Learn to use setbacks, delays and challenges/obstacles as learning platforms that launch you forward - how these become quantum leaps.


Radiate your new self, your higher self-image
  • Fall deeply in love with yourself
  • Discover the joy and freedom that comes with full expression of self in our own unique form. Experience the sense of safety and confidence that comes with living fully as our higher self, without hesitation or apology
  • Who are you not to..?


Create and become the powerful creator of your life and destiny

  • Liberate yourself from the past and step into manifesting tomorrow.
  • Begin to prepare for the future using your magnetic field to guide you as you start to receive what you desire.
  • Gain momentum from a gratitude practice and the empowerment of others.
  • Live with increase and empower the world around you. We can not truly feel empowered, bigger, more joyful without increasing the joy and life of others on our way.
  • Transform meaningful relationships so they flow with you. See that you are the creator of all good in your life and others.


RISE applying these practices into your world like you never have before
  • Revel in the glory of what you have and are creating. Pull together the #brainblasts, the breakthroughs and compile in a way that you can use to ensure lasting change - this is going to be a very fun exercise
  • Connect deeply and commit to yourself, your soul and your dream. Be unstoppable in your quest.
  • Celebrate all that is you and all you have created!


  • PDF transcripts/notes of each training module
  • Exclusive access to or private FTR community
  • Weekly Rising (healing) circles that include meditation, visualizations, tarot readings, new and full moon rituals and more.
  • And more...

Do you need some help knowing if this right for you and crunching the numbers?

It's scary to put your faith in someone you don't know and additionally spend the money. 

Watch the video first and once you feel certain that this is for you, then click the button below so I can share some ways for you to make this work. 

And remember there is a payment plan and this is what credit cards are for. 🤩😉

Help me make this work

Are you ready to RISE and start the journey from who you are now to who you will become?

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3 monthly payments of $665 USD
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