32: Showing up for yourself and your kids during your divorce and taking a leadership role

Showing up for yourself and your kids means taking a leadership role in our personal lives. 

I think too often we expect others to come in and save the day but the very fact that you are getting a divorce means that “your person” is no longer there for you.

So we need to show up for ourselves. Usually when we think of being a leader it’s in a work environment or on a project. 

Well, this just might be the most important project you’ve ever worked on. It’s your life and your future and that of your family.

While going through this many of us use words like devastated, broken, heart broken, blindsided, lost and more to describe how we feel and so we can receive comfort and sympathy from family and friends. But as the weeks turn into months it’s important to step away from the labels and victim mentality and start showing up and taking the lead in how you want your life to turn out. 

If you don't, someone else will be making the important decisions and doing so without considering you.

True leadership of others, and ourselves in our own lives only comes when we stop worrying about pleasing everyone. It’s unattainable. When we shine brightly as our true selves, we will attract those who are meant to be in our space, and who we are meant to lead. The rest will follow. 

We need to show leadership in our own lives in order to create positive change. 

Lead the way with kindness if that is what you want. 

Lead with love if you want more love in your life. 

Be a leader guided by your values, beliefs and for the kind of love you want in your life.