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34: Divorcing with Integrity is healing and empowering

Living from a place of Integrity is not about being better than others or elevating ourselves above anyone. It’s about honesty. A deep and honest truth about who you are - the good and the not so good - and what you want out of life as well as what you are willing to give.

Choosing integrity and living into it as a core value isn’t always easy. In fact the easy part, in my opinion, is the honesty with others. For me it’s easy not to lie and deceive.

It’s the complete honesty with oneself that’s the hard part. Being honest about our shortcomings, our less positive attributes and our shame. We all feel shame, envy and judge others at times. But do you admit this to yourself and when if you do, do you also do the work to understand how that showed up in your day or your interactions with others?

That’s true integrity. 

And then the second part is loving yourself completely - the good, the glorious, the not so good and the ugly. Can you fully accept who you are and love all parts? That’s the work. And it is the single most valuable work I have ever done on myself. It has changed how I feel about myself and how I interact with others. 

And you know what? Doing that work has in fact helped me love myself in a much more authentic and bigger way.

I would love to do this work with you and we can do this together either through the membership or one on one coaching. Links below.