35: Manage your feelings better and step away from ego driven limitations with Jen Couto

Join myself and my Jen Couto as we have an impromptu conversation about unconditional love, letting our feelings and ego take over and so much more. 

You might want to grab your journal and a pen to write down some of the inquiry questions you can use to do this work with us.

Living in our feelings is not all bad of course - on the contrary. We have to feel our feelings. It's how we learn and grow and heal. But when we live entirely in our feelings then we are making life all about us and that is ego driven. 

This morning I was dealing with my feelings about something and I knew I was experiencing part of this through my ego because I was feeling resentment, feeling sorry for myself and like I had no control of my feelings and no steps forward. 

Sometimes all you need is to hear yourself say things out loud and then it starts to become clear. That is very much what happened when I called Jen and then I just had to invite her to talk about this on the show. 



Jen Couto has been in the fitness industry for over 8 years and has recently come back from Rishikesh, India with 500 hours of YTT. Her aim is to help women through the barriers that have led us to believe we are limited. Her belief is that through developing a spiritual practice and being mindful of personal wellbeing through movement and nutrition, we can have the joyful life of vitality and energy we all desire!

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