36: Managing expectations and having a nice Mother's Day when you are divorced.


Navigating and preparing for special days, holidays etc can be triggering especially in the first year since separating.  I am sharing some of my learnings with you to help you have a lovely day with your kids if that is what you want.


  1. Managing our expectations.
  2. Helping our kids do what they want for us.
  3. Help someone else’s kids (ie single moms you know) - perhaps an exchange of going shopping together and even celebrating together.
  4. Focus on your mother or someone else as that might feel easier especially if you are estranged from your kids because of the divorce.
  5. What to expect from our ex
  6. What the other parent can do to help (and what you can do when it's their turn)
  7. Remember to make it a good day for yourself and not only expect others to do so. And also not to only do for others.

I wish you a beautiful Mother's Day and that you are surrounded by those you love.