44: 3 ways to shift towards healing and a happier feeling and higher vibration:

Living a healed and happier life is a choice. A choice to leave the pain behind. A choice to invite in light, happiness, joy and an amplified life. Join me as I talk about how to do this in the aftermath of divorce and other life changing events.


  1. Shift your attention away from that you’re broken and towards love. Suggested activity: Write a list of 50 things you love. At least 10 have to be about you.
  2. Release judgement of self and others. Imagine you’re a balloon that has the ability to float high up in the sky. Currently your judgement of self has you living in a low vibration of self loathing and hate. It’s like there’s a string tied to your balloon holding you down there. But as you release judgement and use love instead the balloon starts tugging on its tie and pulling up. You can help the upward trend until you finally float free. As you release judgement of self it’s also important to release judgement of others or your balloon will end up all tangled and tied again. If you start judging others you’ll shrink this rising and loving energy. So when you catch yourself simply say “that’s interesting” not what I would do but it’s their choice and has nothing to do with me. Our desire for our opinion to be heard on other people’s choices and an ego and a desire to be right and it lowers our vibration. Instead choose to be neutral. It keeps you at ease in peace and flow and in the vibration of manifestation.
  3. Observe, don't absorb and don’t play the blame game. Blaming shuts you down. Don’t judge and don’t hate. Blame thrives on anger and resentment so take your attention away from things that make you feel angry like the news or toxic people and turn some music on, dance, read something positive and do something creative like writing or painting or drawing. Or clean the kitchen, clear out a drawer, bake a cake

Wondering what your purpose is here? Living in a higher frequency is our purpose because it has such a positive ripple effect. Living from the heart aligned with love allows patience, tolerance, peace, freedom and the abundant flow of love to and from you. This is our purpose. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. It is my purpose to help you find that place as I did after my divorce. A place of amplified living where everything feels easier, tastes yummier and is experienced in a more meaningful way. Whether it is a beautiful walk outside taking in the fresh scents of nature, flowers, cut grass or time with loved ones enjoying their laughter, voices, and supporting their endeavours or doing meaningful work that fills you up and allows for all of this to continue to spill over for you and others. This is the life we are meant to live. In high vibration, feeling joy and love and letting go of the things that get in the way of that feeling. 

Divorcing the past, not just the person, can lead a peaceful and heart led life. Heal, grow and thrive. 

Tuning into this energy is the challenge but you are feeling the pull which means you are ready to shift. So many of you have been asking when I am running my next course and I know that now is the right time. This is a brand new course focusing on allowing the shifts and following the call inside you to live a more amplified life. One of peace, freedom and abundance. A loving life where love of self feels as easy as the love you share with others.

For this first group of Your Amplified Life I am only taking 10 participants. I want this to be a deep and joyful journey where I can really focus on each and every one of you. None of this will be hard. There’s way too much commentary about “doing the work” and how hard that is. I want this to feel easy like you are wandering home to your heart along this lovely country road that feels familiar in the best way. Familiar because it’s all about you. Wander home to this adorable little place where you and I and 9 other beautiful souls will sit down at the kitchen table and align our hearts as we support and nourish each other on this journey.

  • Includes 8 weekly coaching sessions. We will start our journey on week 1 with a focus on redefining who you are and discovering your own worth and birthright on this earth. The end of a marriage or any significant stage in life can feel jarring and displacing and like you no longer have a place to call home, a place or a group of people where you feel true belonging. Let’s learn together in the safety of our circle how true belonging starts with you.
  • The following 7 weeks will focus on the remaining 6 chakras as we journey inward, truly get to know ourselves, ignite our creativity and passion and love. Learn to trust life, and others by first trusting yourself. It’s one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. And it is truly the path to transformation, amplified living and abundance.
  • https://www.theseparationclub.com/amplified-waitlist