50: 6 practical tools to help you heal and rediscover yourself

Why is it that healing from a broken relationship is so hard?

What are some of the more unhelpful or destructive ways we try to deal with pain?

  • Escape (into victimhood, addiction, distraction, despair which is a form of victimhood, also avoidance which is different than distraction)
  • Unnecessary acceptance of suffering as a way of life
    • Limited thinking and belief in happiness as an available feeling
  • Anger
  • Self-blaming and blaming them (victim mentality)

Today I share the tools I used on my divorce journey to heal and move forward in a way that felt good and real and true.

But before we get into it all, it helps to understand some of the background..the why's;

Law of correspondence - patterns repeat throughout the universe and on a personal level our reality is a mirror of what’s happening inside us at that moment.  Think: “as above, so below. As within, so without.” Or, as you have more likely heard: “It’s happening for you, not to you”.

If your life feels chaotic and fearful, it’s because there is chaos and fear within. If your life seems calm and grounded it is because we feel peace within.

SO, in any troubling situation ask what the situation can show you about yourself and what requires healing within.

AND listen to this episode as I go through the 6 tools I used to heal and move forward. These are accessible to all of you so make sure to download and save this episode as you will be coming back to it often.

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