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51: Understanding how mindset determines our current situation and how to change it

Think of a mindset as the pair of glasses you wear in your brain. These glasses shape how you see and deal with stuff in your life. There are two main types of mindsets:

  1. Fixed Mindset: Imagine you think you're born with a set amount of smartness, talent, and all that. If you wear these glasses, you might avoid challenges because you're scared of looking not-so-smart. You might not want to put in much effort because, hey, you think you're already stuck with what you've got. So, you might play it safe and not take many risks.

  2. Growth Mindset: Now picture wearing glasses that make you believe you can get smarter and better at things by trying and learning. With this mindset, you're like, "Bring on the challenges!" You see mistakes as lessons and stepping stones to success. You're all about putting in the work to improve and achieve your goals.

Remember, people can wear different mindset glasses for different things, and the good news is you can swap out your glasses if you want. You're not stuck with one type forever. And when you're wearing those growth mindset glasses, you're more likely to enjoy learning, handle setbacks like a champ, and rock at whatever you're trying to do! 🚀

Today I take you through a few steps to help you move from a fixed mindset towards a growth mindset. In other words, I'll be talking about how to develop a mindset that moves you towards what you truly want in your life and how developing a deeper connection with your higher self and higher values will help you.

The steps I take you through are:

  1. Honesty about where you are at right now and why.
  2. Choosing a step that will bring you a little closer.
  3. Gain clarity on who you want and need to be to get there. 
  4. Get into the details and create the new story that matches this higher vibration.
  5. Notice and have awareness around what is happening and what you are doing and how you are managing certain situations.
  6. Celebrate.

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