52: How to have a Joyful Divorce - ANNIVERSARY EPISODE

It has been exactly one year since I launched this podcast and I have spent a lot of time reflecting on this episode and what I want to talk to you about. And today it hit me. What I am offering you, my listener and all my clients and the members of my community Rising Free - is an alternative divorce. One that is peaceful and empowering and one that also creates a pathway for you to rediscover yourself in a beautiful and real way.

It’s not about being perfect, because no one is.

And it's not about fighting for your rights, your lawyer will do that.

Instead it’s about finding the blessing.

About finding the love for self and others.

And about leaning into a more conscious and meaningful life experience for yourself.

Ultimately it is about loving life and all that this human experience brings into our awareness.

There is so much fighting in the world today. Fighting over causes, for political views, for lots of worthwhile reasons. But I am finding it increasingly difficult to join the fight and would rather join the movement towards love and peace for all. 

I know I sound like a Ms. world pageant right now. But seriously - what if we all made choices from a place of love and to promote peace for those we love? Things would be very different. 

Instead of trying to impact the world my goal is to impact you because I know that if I do then there is a ripple effect that will carry on with you and you will impact someone or several and then they will and so on and so on.

There are few things a person goes through in their personal life that has a higher level of conflict than a divorce and usually in a way that feels completely out of our control.

And it is true - we can’t control the other person’s choices. If they want to fight and they want conflict it spills onto us. But we don't’ have to accept it and drink the spill. We can choose to not engage in that way. That is our choice. 

Yes I say it again - this is your choice.

Today I am inviting you to choose a different or alternative divorce. One that feels ok. Not because you wanted this or because you love getting divorced. Instead choose to do this in a way that feels loving and peaceful. 

So how can you do this? How can you choose to have an alternate divorce? A different one? A more awakened one?

3 things have to happen.

  1. Learn who you are
  2. Learn to love yourself
  3. Learn to connect with and listen to your inner wisdom

AND you can learn all this and more by joining our next journey in seeking the Joyful Divorce starting on September 27th, 2023.

Starting September 27th I will be taking a small group of women through the Alternative Divorce. 

I will be teaching you how to connect with your inner wisdom and to find the answers you seek

I will be showing you how to heal your heart in a way that feels - dare I say it - easy

I will be laying down the blueprint for you to journey forward towards a loving and peaceful life created by you. Inspired by you and your dreams. Fuelled by your spirit and all that you deserve.

This is available to you right now.

We get started September 27th and will meet via Zoom every week at 4pm ET. All the calls are recorded so if you miss you actually won’t miss a thing.

There will be pre recorded videos for you to enjoy the days on the days we aren’t meeting. There will be a community for all of you to connect in and ask questions of me and each other.

There will be an abundance of additional resources for you like meditations, chakra balancing, card readings, breath work and movement practices.

You will also have lifetime access to the material.

  • This is for you if you are wondering how to get through this
  • Or if you are afraid of the high conflict approach your stbx seems to be taking
  • This is for you if you want to save money in legal fees by not joining them in escalating the hostility.
  • And this is for you if you want to feel great again with love in your heart, joy in your being and an a renewed excitement for life.

PLUS I have a gift for you! Starting today and through my birthday you will receive $250 off to celebrate my bday. This is my gift to you so I hope you will accept. The code to get the $250 off is MYBIRTHDAY8.

Link for the program is https://www.theseparationclub.com/tap