53: Understanding and activating our Divine Feminine energies

There's a lot of conversation about the feminine and masculine energies. Understanding them is easy enough but getting a hold of why it matters can feel harder. Today's episode dives into how exactly we work with the divine feminine to achieve what we want for ourselves and our loved ones. It could be healing, more peace, abundance, love or health. Anything you want. 

So how do we tune in to this? We have to get past all the limiting beliefs and old paradigms that have been taught to us since we were children. We didn't just hear these things, we became those beliefs. But that doesn't mean you can't let go.

I am really looking forward to having this conversation with you and even more to opening a safe container for you at the next Rising Moon Sisters Retreat where we will Nurture the Mother. 

Join us October 27-29 under the full moon as we celebrate the divine feminine in all of us and hold a magickal space for you to create your next reality.

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